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prolonged fasting and muscle gain

You think that criticism is not addressed by advocates? At periods when you're fasting or not eating carbs, your insulin levels are kept low and your body is mobilizing fat for energy. When I fast longer than 1 day, I still drink coffee with a small amount of cream, I drink a Gerolsteiner, and I have bone broth/stock with salt and “no-salt” (potassium chloride). Weston A. In fact, studies have shown that true starvation response involves your own body consuming all your muscle. Apart from staying well hydrated, coffee is a good appetite suppressant. You shouldn’t just stumble into one because it sounds interesting or some guy on your Twitter feed wrote about it. Did my first sprint today as part of the PBF program and have had great success and feel this will be our lifestyle for the rest of our lives. Would I have added more if I had not fasted? The 3 and 5 were water and the 7 had green tea with stevia and supplements. A 2001 study involving 174 patients with hypertension found that a 10-11 day water-only fast led to an average blood pressure reduction of 37 mm HG systolic and 13 mm HG diastolic. As someone with a mysterious autoimmune disease, I’m interested in this. Spent the whole day in bed, nausea on and off (5/10 intensity) and terrible leg cramps tonight. Does your spiritual practice or religion call for a four day fast? I totally feel rejuvenated! . Long fasts seriously perturb electrolyte homeostasis. (And been worried by the first doctor for nothing.) She felt awful the entire time, couldn’t work, and complained of severe nausea, fatigue, and pain. That’s just common sense. Set your fasting and feeding windows The fasting window should ideally be around 16 hours. There are very inactive elderly people who maintain more muscle when they take in more protein than they had previously consumed, so we can’t really make sweeping statements about fasting and muscle loss. Google Tim Ferris’ method or check it out in one of his books. View entire discussion ( 8 comments) More posts from the fasting community. Because, a fatty liver and all those other fat deposits inside of us do not register as fat or muscle or bone. Re the autoimmune case histories—Mark’s link has died. When I feel weak or hungry, I drink the bone broth, liquid minerals, and kombucha. Going to sleep works, too. There has been so much click-bait, cherry-picking lab studies offered up on any variety of fronts that really don’t give anybody any practical insights other than comforting assurances to resume their flawed opinions and beliefs because they can now presume there is legitimate support in theory. To meet the need, electrolytes move from serum to cells, creating a deficiency on the serum level that can be quite dangerous. For me this means nothing at all after dinner (other than water) and a single cup of tea in the morning. Therefore, it is not muscle loss. testosterone and estrogen) to become reduced during long fasts (i.e. I probably spent 30 hours of reading on various people who promote water fasting. This was not enough to return me to normal. Whether it was intermittent OMAD, soft dry, hard dry or just plain water fasting, every time I have fasted I have increased my muscle mass. I have tried adding in Na/K/P + trace minerals during the fast, wondering if it is a delayed reaction. I can be somewhat full for a couple days now. This isn’t abherrent and you don’t lose muscle mass, growth hormone increases through fasting. Especially considering ending the fast with a hard workout, which would show the body that muscle/strength gains ==> food? Your insulin spikes in response to incoming food. The elevated HGH stimulated by fasting should increase muscle mass and make a recovery from a workout easier and faster. In the old days chemo chairs always had a bucket attached and the whole scene was a barf-a-rama. And the case studies are pretty compelling. I pretty much fast every single day until 1-2 pm. Exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 6 days, sipping on some home made broth just before falling asleep. It may sound counterintuitive, but fasting can actually help you maintain or even build muscle [ 13, 14]. “If you’re trying to reveal the bottom half of the six-pack you just know is lurking beneath your gut, long fasting is not the answer.”. I do not have a specific goal, but am taking it one day at a time. I understand that while being dry the cells will squeeze the interstitial fluids out to hydrate and take some bad cells with it. I am diagnosed with complete 21 hydroxylase deficiency, and was creeping toward diabetes. Starting three years ago, I got back into fasting and I have done perhaps 5 to 7 one week long fasts. Good to have had this experience. . Not even a mark where they had been. The Personality Factor: How Does Introversion or Extroversion Interact with Well-Being? I am currently on day 3 of my water only fast with no change in mood or side effects whatsoever. I started following the Fung Protocol in 2015 after eating LC since 1972. When cancer patients don’t have an appetite, respect that instead of forcing food (which is usually starchy junk anyway). Thanks for this post it was exactly what I was looking into, I want to implement short fasts into my personal prayer life and am also on a strict workout and nutrition regime for health and weight loss and didn’t want to interfere with it, it’s good to read there are ways to do it carefully that won’t disrupt ur regime but also can have benefits health wise not to mention the clarity u gain spiritually from denying urself. At the very least, it should explain that only those who return to their ‘previous’ eating habits tend to gain back the weight they lost. I do it every six months to a year. Fung allows many drinks on his fasts, which I do incorporate. Cancer patients typically lose their appetite, and oncologists often prescribe anti-nausea meds to restore it. Of course, I don’t mean to recommend this, I am more of the “treat it like a marathon” category, but it has been a good experience overall. Also I had eczema on my arms. What is there is easily dismissed. Am about to take another run at it. Once I’m done water only fasting I’ll switch to a intermittent fasting regimen. the rest of us can inexpensively water or tea /coffee fast 24/36 hours. I am not having extra caffeine or any other stimulant that would impact it. Hadn’t seen my real feet in years. Anybody know where the paper can be found, or even just the title? No calories. Hard to know for sure. And then there are those who resort to eating meat only (from head to tail organs included) and drink water, who do dry fast with ill effect. I’m not someone who has so little muscle or spends so little time using it that I can’t tell when I’ve gained it or lost it. That alone would be a good reason to continue extended fasts IF this is what is happening. This third doctor remembered this point specifically from a seminar about kidney disease. Fasting isn’t famine, but it’s similar enough that we should heed the story. But it turned out the radiologist was wrong. While I’m not a massive fanboy of his, he seems to be very thorough and honest in what he tries and puts out to the public. I routinely fast between 6 p.m. and 11 a.m. or noon the next day. I believe if you eat right and get exercise, your body pretty much heals itself. of fat, or, 10 lbs. Fasting can actually raise your growth hormone. At the two-year followup, half of them had either kept it all off or regained some of the weight they’d lost. I have tried everything to lose weight. I do not lift weights or do any serious exercises. You’re suddenly having to store fat, make and store glycogen, and conduct various other metabolic processes that increase intracellular nutrient requirements. In an older case study (also authored by Longo), a woman with breast cancer underwent four rounds of chemo. If you’re already on a ketogenic diet or count yourself as a fat-burning beast with robust fat-burning mitochondria, you can probably skip this. Take MCTs. As a late 40’s male, i’m always concerned with maintaining my muscle mass, and i’m concerned that doing even a 2-3 day fast will cause a measurable loss of some muscle mass, and i’m not sure how re-attainable that muscle mass is at my age…. Other practitioners I know have said the same. Journal of Translational Medicine just published Dr Valter research in humans on fast mimicking diet. It is horribly bad food usually so this is a whole new bag for me. For me at least this is completely different then any diet I’ve ever tried which start off fairly easy and just made me cold sick and miserable with no energy. It’s also not great for general health. Interestingly, I am at the end of my first water fast (supplemented with a carefully chosen multivitamin). And you should don’t not stop using double negatives. What are thoughts on taking BCAA while under long term fasting to help maintain lean muscle mass? Throw in a big handful of leafy greens with the stems.

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